You'll dig these skills.

A lot of work goes into building a website, so much so that calling myself a web designer is about as descriptive as calling myself a mammal.

I am certainly a mammal here at Brainside Out, but how can you know if I am a squirrel or a human? In answering that question, let's get a bit more fine-grained as to my skills:

Website Design - I am all about pushing pixels and increasing the general hotness of the interweb. Feel free to check out my client portfolio to see examples from those who have turned me loose.

XHTML/CSS Coding - While I love being involved in the architecture and design process for a site, I'm also great at "slicing" other peoples' designs into standards-based XHTML and CSS.

Copywriting - I can be pretty good at putting together, like, coherent sentences that your users may find mildly entertaining. If nothing else, I promise to spell words correctly and keep the cursing to a minimum. Cursing is available, however, at no extra charge.

Information Architecture - This is a fancy way of saying that I spend a lot of time sketching stuff out on paper, trying to figure out the best way to arrange your website and content so it makes the most sense to your users.

If there remains any doubt, I hope to assure you that I am indeed not a squirrel.

The Business

I have been known to run a tiny web design and development company, where I focus on building clean and elegant websites for small businesses and other independents. While I am not currently taking on new work, you are free to peruse my skills and take a gander at my client portfolio.

I also print a popular t-shirt as a tribute to my favorite town in Minnesota, which you can buy with money at I've Been to Duluth.