Brainside Out

Brainside Out is the online home of Dane Petersen, a professional web designer and developer who is currently pursuing a master's degree in interaction design at Indiana University.

I have been designing websites since 2001, and crisscrossing the country in search of new excitement and cultural bric-a-brac since 2003. I write about my most recent adventures at Daneomatic and share my photography on Flickr. I make sure that the most vapid events of my life are meticulously documented by Twitter, and when that's not enough I offer supporting evidence at Tumblr.

I have been known to run a tiny web design and development company, where I focus on building clean and elegant websites for small businesses and other independents. While I am not currently taking on new work, you are free to peruse my skills and take a gander at my client portfolio. I also have a gallery of desktop wallpapers that may suit your fancy.